Discovering Mindfulness


Does any of this sound like you?

Here’s what a few people said before starting to discover the benefits of mindfulness:

  • I feel anxious and keep fretting about things that happened in the past.
  • I want to accept what I can’t change and let go of a load of thinking that I can’t seem to stop.
  • I can’t switch off after a busy day and then I can’t sleep or wake up in the night. So tired!
  • I expect so much of myself and beat myself up when I make mistakes.
  • There’s too much to do.  I feel so stressed out most the time because I can’t get it all done!
  • I want to feel happier and less fearful of the future.
  • There is constant chatter in my head and I don’t know how to get some peace.
  • I struggle with my emotions and feel weak if I let them show.
  • I feel like I’m skimming over the surface of my life, just about coping but not enjoying it.

Time for  a change?

Come along and find out:

  • About Mindfulness
  • How to free yourself from constant thinking & worry
  • How to find some calm by simple mindful breathing
  • How practising mindfulness can benefit you, your families and your work

Discovering Mindfulness is a gentle introduction to mindfulness skills:

  • Mindful meditation – lots of practical exercises
  •  Stepping off the treadmill of thought
  • Lowering  stress and anxiety levels
  • Getting back in touch with your body and how it responds to thoughts and emotions
  • Mindful movement to help settle the mind and increase energy flow and vitality
  • Integration of mindfulness practice into daily life
  • Developing kindness and compassion for yourself and others
  • Be happier and more content

“Thank you for an enjoyable few weeks. I began to really look forward to the sessions. Such a change from the start where I was apprehensive and had suffered badly with anxiety for the previous 5 years. Your relaxed and welcoming approach has made it easier to engage with the process. Great explanation and demonstration of the meditation and the concepts made it easier to get the hang of the techniques. I always slept really well after my sessions! ” Alison 

The classes are an  opportunity to come together as a group of like-minded people to spend a peaceful hour or so together and learn some basics about mindfulness .  No previous experience of mindfulness or meditation needed. I will share formal and informal mindfulness techniques that you can learn and practise to cultivate ways of being more mindful and enjoy the benefits in all areas of your life. Over time, mindfulness will become a part of the way you live, breathe and think.

After each class, you will receive an email with any further points of practice to help you use what you’ve learnt in daily life.  Sometimes there will be video links and recordings to further illustrate the discussion in class.  The emails and handouts etc. give you an opportunity to delve a little deeper if you choose to do so but are only there as additional guidance and should not be seen as homework!

Next Steps 

If you’d like to come along please email or call me to put your name on the list as places are limited. Payment for the first short block will secure your place.

Tuesday Evenings:

10 March 2020, 17 March 2020, 24 March 2020, 31 March 2020 – £40.00

Break Easter

21 April 2020, 28 April 2020, 5 May 2020, 10 May 2020 – £40.00

West Road, White Kirk, EH42 1XA


” The benefits I have noticed since I began are an increased general awareness of my surroundings, better able to access peace day to day, a feeling of hope that anxiety and stress can be reduced by continuing what I learned and building on that knowledge. Thank you, very happy with the classes.”  Andrew

  “Thank you so much for all your fantastic advice and teaching- I feel I have learnt so much, it’s been such a positive experience.” Louise

“Since starting Lizzie’s  the classes, I have found I no longer dwell on negative thoughts as much as I used to. My focus and concentration have improved and I am now completing much of what I set out to achieve in a day. Lizzie delivers her classes in a relaxed and warm atmosphere, her teaching and instruction is easy to follow and put into practice.” David

“Before starting the classes, I knew a little about mindfulness but had struggled to put anything into practice. The classes really helped me to discover different, practical tools and approaches and realise that I could start to gradually build these into everyday life without having to make massive changes – and to quickly feel the benefits.” Jane